For changes to the lives of destitute children at Bagha Orphange (Shorer Haat Kalyani Sishu Sadan)

147 children has been supported by one person in a village of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Mr. Shamsuddin Sarkar, a village doctor by profession, chosen to make his home, home of 115 homeless and destitute children. His wife Ms. Meherunnesa cooks to prepare meal for all this children. Ankur international is supporting the effort of Mr. Shamsuddin's gigantic effort, 2 Bighas agricultural land was bought through donation money from Ankur, this provides some support for the daily meal for these children. Your generous support to this orphanage will help these children to catch their dream after securing daily meal.

You may contact Tania Morshed Lopa at for more info.

Checks by Postal mail:
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